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What is Ashi-Thai?

Ashi-Thai is a blend between Thai massage and Ashiatsu. Thai massage traditionally consists of compression techniques and  stretching techniques. Ashi-Thai incorporates the same elements of Thai massage while using barefoot/Ashiatsu approach.


Why Ashi-Thai?

Ashi-Thai helps to reduce muscle tension using compression work for the entire body. It is a good way (that feels wonderful too!) to prep the body for stretching. Your therapist will utilize her feet and/or hands for the stretches. Stretches include hamstrings, calves, hips/glutes, back, pecs and neck. Anyone who feels stiff, lives a sedentary lifestyle, or who simply doesn't stretch enough could benefit from Ashi-Thai.


What to expect?

 For an Ashi-Thai session, you need to wear something comfortable (gym wear for example), no need to get undressed and oiled-up! Ashi-Thai is relaxing with compressions for tissue warm-up and is an excellent way to get passive stretches. Your therapist will work with your comfort level to ensure you get a good stretch. And who doesn't need to stretch? 


This video explains the science and benefits of receiving John Barnes' Myofascial Release.

What is Access Bars?

Ashiatsu Columbia LLC now offers Access Bars sessions. It is absolutely fantastic! Whether you have never received an energy work session before or you have tried different holistic modalities, Access Bars is a must try! Let stress, anxiety, depression, emotional/physical pain dissipate during this 60min session.

Access Bars consists of 32 points on the head where the practitioner gently places their fingers for several minutes at a time. So it cannot hurt and will feel like a nice massage; meanwhile, healing energy will flow through your entire body to alleviate your mental exhaustion or pain.

About Us



Carole Bowker grew up in France and is fully bilingual. She came to the United States in 2005 and has a 10 year old son with ASD and ADHD. She received a Bachelor's degree in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health from East Tennessee State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Though circumstances led her to put her career on hold for home-making, she always had a passion for health and wellness. This journey led her to pursue personal health and fitness to discover massage therapy, combined with regular chiropractic care, as the perfect tool to manage her chronic muscle tension and neck pain. After discovering the numerous benefits massage therapy has to offer, Carole realized this would be her ideal career path for helping others and herself to achieve the best possible quality of life.


Massage Therapy Training & Certifications

Carole is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT #11344) and graduated from Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC. She has been interested in Ashiatsu and fascial work prior to becoming a massage therapist and invested extra time and financial resources in furthering and perfecting her skills and training. She obtained her Ashiatsu certification through DeepFeet Bar Therapy ( and completed 3 CEU courses in Myofascial Release by John Barnes  ( Additionally, Carole has completed Reiki level I and II, as well as Access Bars through Access Consciousness. She is committed to take more continuing education courses than that required by the SC Department of Labor Licencing & Regulation and continue to learn new techniques and enhance her current skills.


Mission and Vision


To educate, treat and listen to each of my clients with compassion and care, in order to deliver the best, most effective personalized massage or healing energy treatment. To obtain, grow and retain a loyal, holistic health-centered clientele in Columbia, SC and continue to invest in developing and perfecting my skills and techniques.


To become a premiere massage and energy healing establishment in Columbia, SC that treats every client with superior care and make them feel listened to, appreciated, and deeply satisfied with the results.